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old punk raving

Tonight I downloaded a live recording of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, i.e.: the Velvet Underground with Nico and with Gerald Malanga dancing around in front of the stage with a whip and with multible Warholian movies showing on the band and the wall behind them.

Nov. 4, 1966. Columbus Ohio.

I saw the VU at the performance in Dallas in 1969 that became part of their 1969 album. But that was minus John Cale and Nico and the whole Warhol scene.


touring across the midlands.

there is almost no applause, no reaction between songs.

stunned or stoned? At that date and place I would guess stunned and sparse, as in very few folks there and those there either bewildered or silently estatic.

Me? Right now? I'm dancing in my head and in my room.

Just a fool in love.
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