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i don't know why, but i keep playing the game.

Last Friday night. Part of me was wishing I could go into the Coney Island side show to see Amber Ray and the boys and girls be lewd and comic and shake it. Part of me was enjoying the recognition that I was using the same methods of persuasion to keep my 15 year old son waiting to see the fireworks display over Coney Island as what I used with my brothers decades ago. The method is to give false hopes and no resistance.

I agree to their request but with a small condition, like last night I was saying "Yes" we would leave on the next train but still stood on the platform staring in the direction of the cyclone roller coaster and astro ferris wheel wondering if it was really the right night for the fireworks that I thought were going to start at 9:30pm. I had already used bribes of pizza from Totonno's and a large cup of the new Sponge Bob ice cream flavor to get son #1 to go with me out to Coney Island. He would much rather be home doing internet chat with pals unknown.

The week before I had thought of going to Coney Island as well. But my feeling of mild frustration over not being able to go see the dancing girls (Pontani Sisters & Co last week) because for some reason I don't go out and do my entertainment stuff since my son has come again to live with me.

He's 15. I don't hid my skin two, etc. magazines. When he came to visit for xmas he saw the Asians Do Anal video tape that I had not noticed was out in full view instead of in the box in the closet where it had been during my years as a family man. Until he's 18 he's not legal to view "adult entertainment." Although his mother complained that he printed out pictures of nude women from the internet I doubt he would want to indulge in such entertainments with me. Still I wonder what he would think of the dancing girls and side show entertainments.

The fireworks did finally start a bit past 10:30pm. They lasted for what seemed longer than 5 minutes. Thus a reasonable payoff for the wait. We stood there watching the sparkles flashes and booms in the summer sky. Making a few comments about what we were seeing. What, if anything, will he remember of that night.

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