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sweatin' with Santo

Made it out to Coney Island tonight to see Santo (or Samson as he is called in the English version) and the Wax Museum. My first Santo flic. The leading lady was very very hot and several scenes featured her lovely stockinged legs. Live Mexican style masked wrestlers had been schedule but something happened and I saw them leaving as I was coming up the stairs. Another mishap is that during most of the burlesque scene between Freddie and Jason the lights were turned off and we could just barely make out the figures in the dark. The hottie who was stripping as Freddie called out for someone to fix the lights a few times and finally the DVD projector was turned on bathing them in the blue sony player on/off screen so that we could somewhat see the end of their performance. The magician had better luck with the lights and was entertaining.

Sorry, I guess I am too tired to bring the appropriate enthusiasm into this review of my evening. It was fun but yes, they have no A/C in the Coney Island museum and it was hot. Not the fun kind of hot, except for the near nakey Freddie who did her best to dance seductively in the dark.

Pray for fall.
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