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durian burps

Newish SE Asian restaurant nearby. Coco. Malaysian etc. food. Everything I've had there has been good and interesting. Today noticed that amoung their fruit drinks they have durian shakes. I'm still a relative newbie with durian, having had it 'fresh' (how can something be called fresh when it is best eaten ripe from the tree but instead is frozen and shipped by boat around the planet, thawed during handling, refrozen at the store, defrosted again for eating) a couple of times, in Thai dessert puddings a couple of times and ice cream and dried in chips like fried banana chips.

Going down, the taste was mild. I guess due to being so cold, smoothie style. Walking home I started burping (so very full from big plate of Mee Siam: kinda like Singaphore noodles except without the curry powder) and still now an hour later I taste the durian more than when I first at it.

It's still good too.

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