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a kumi day

Could have, should have gone to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade and after party but it was so rainy and I had sniffles since yesterday. Instead it was a quiet day in the 'hood. my lil' local multi-cultural hood in nyc.

Went to breakfast at an Irish bakery where there were gaggles of blonde and red headed tots telling their mums they wanted chips for breakfast.

After a sleepy day of napping while it rained outside and showing mo' how to give his web page language tags we went and checked out the South Asian music and dance festival at the restaurants a couple of blocks from my apartment. They were tearing it up sitar concert on one side of the block and an ethereal but energetic vocalist wailing on the other side. Only listened a bit cause we hadn't eaten anthing since breakfast and it was past 10pm. Ambled a couple blocks over and ate at our regular Korean place. Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap and Too Doo Jigae; hot pot beef and vegetable rice casserole and tofu and seafood spicy stew.

As I showered and thought about the day, it popped to mind. heh. Started the day Irish. Ended it Korean. A kumi day.
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