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party pooper

i know what I said about going to some of the Fetish Events this week in NYC since going to those nights in Florida. But last night I had just arrived back and was so tired after a day of travel and this morning I woke up with a sore throat which has been brewing the last couple of days in full painfully mucose bloom. crap. Although I have decent insurance I don't have a primary care doc set up and of course when feeling sick is the best time to go through all the research and phone calls to find a doc. OK. One more night of rest and Echinacea and vitamins before I go begging for antibiotics. Great, right, I had today and tomorrow as days of vacation to play at home and instead I'm ill.

On the plus side I finally went to trade my cable modem for a new one. My old one had begun to be very unreliable and TW turns out to be glad to do anything that does not involve sending a service tech to the house. Me too. The last time the tech was someone even vastly stranger than I.
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