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What am I doing awake? - words first — LiveJournal
some sense later
What am I doing awake?
woke up at near 1pm, needing to pee and feeling thirsty. Oh what a mandala of life we live. The circle of life.

In the paper yesterday was an ad supplement for CompUSA and I had been frustrated by computer problems from checking out details of the sale and looking to see if there is a store nearby. Over an hour later I've spent nearly $400. Maybe when I return to NY I will finally set myself up for ripping mp3s from my piles of vinyl, plus a got 1.5 meg more memory for my camera. Amazing. 2 gig HD in compact flash format for under $100. [start creaky old man voice] Why I can remember how excited we were to get our first PC with a 10 megabyte hard drive. It was what was later called "full height" meaning that it totally filled the space that 2 or 3 DVD drives now take.

OK now, more beer, more sleep...

Current Mood: groggy groggy
Current Music: My Sweet Thing by yoors trooly

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