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computer sob story number 50001.

I just lost a journal entry that I've wrote on off and on for 3 hours. It started with me gloating about finally getting my wireless connection to work in the hotel. Then after going through my review of my 1st day of Fetish Factory partying I was going to blabber about the DVD I was watching all morning while trying to get the wireless to work. I just had to go to to see the year of something and the bitch of a web site locked up my computer. FEH FEH FEH!

I complained about that before. With Internet Explorer sometimes they make their whole web site a link to push you to the high bidder for the weekend. It crashes Netscape immediately and it locks up Opera (to which I've gone back to after trying out Safari and Foxfire).

OK. No time now to recreate the masterpiece. (HA!) Need to get some dinner and get ready to party some more.
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