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OK, so there are fetishy kinky burlesqueky events nearly every week in NYC and I almost never go. I am in southern Florida for this week for work and so for the weekend I've decided to pop down to Ft. Lauderdale to take a gander at the Fetish Factory's 10th aniversary wing ding. My trusty lil' digi camera disappeared a little while ago, apparent victim to burglers, so just before leaving NYC I bought a new 10X Canon point & shoot (S1 IS) and drug out my old Canon T70 35mm with piles of lens that may or may not still be functional. In the name I've got to do some practicing.

What better subject than an eccentric old wanderer at the Holiday Inn?

And how is this strange wanderer spending his time?

Is it possible he is thinking of taking up a sport?
I refrain from the jest that comes to mind, he might get insulted.

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