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have i turned to the dark side? Nights at Wal Mart

When I am traveling for work I often end up going to Wal Mart. The target may be a 3-pack of underoos or cheap beer and nuts but I end up buying way more. Usually some cut price dvds (used to be videos). Some electronic accessory: audio or computer.

This time I am in Melbourne FL and I've bought 16 $5.50 DVDs and an FM transmitter so I can overcome the lack of Cd player in the rental car with my mp3 cd player rocking my world. There is a theater here with better screens and sound than all but the IMAX theater in NYC and the admission is always $5. I've seen Episode 3 twice so far. Had meant to see something else tonight but just missed the only others I would like to see and didn't want to wait or come back in more than an hour.

A company that can trace its existence directly to one of Alexander Graham Bell's co-experimenters has been bought by an Israeli company and will cease to exist, in so far as telephone technology is concerned, in 3 or 4 years. RCA and some speaker brand, JBL! or Altec Lansing (or both) had become dormant as a brand of consumer goods until Chinese manufacturers decided they could sell better in the USA as RCA or etc. instead of Mai Wong Electronics or what ever.

I was dialing via modem to a job site tonight and mistakely configured the computer to dial 811-212-etc-etc.. instead of 81212-ect-ect.. and somehow was connected to 911. I heard a voice answer and before I could think what to do they hung up and called my hotel room back to ask if everything was OK because 911 had just received a hangup call from my number. I said all was ok, I was just trying to use my compter and the mistake happend and apologized. A few minutes later two police officers were at my door to check on me and to make me realize I did wrong to dial 911 and hang up. I don't think they understood what had happened but I kow towed and acknowledged my mistake as standing in my new Wal Mart blue under roos with Lil John "King of Crunk" softly pounding in the background. I'm tired. I better go to sleep before I get into trouble.

Just before starting this message I knocked over my beer while reaching for the honey roasted peanuts. Now I no longer have to wonder why I bought that roll of VIVA paper towels.

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