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i am not lost - words first
some sense later
i am not lost
I haven't given up live journal. I've just been working 12 or more hours a day (and getting paid to do so!) and I've been paying more attention to my other vices, like music and reading.

A couple of years ago I bought Driving Mr. Alpert by Michael Paterniti and left it in the loo for loo reading. A couple of weeks ago I finished it and not remembering very well what I had read at the beginning of the book a couple of years ago I reread it in a few days. The subject of Einstein's brain and its keeper, Dr. Thomas Harvey, is interesting and there are some interesting scenes in the book but the journalist just seems too whiny and I could not share or feel interested in his emotional states.

For those still reading, I guess I should say that the book is about a journalist who searches out and tries to befriend the Doctor who autopsied and took Einstein's brain to study. While the journalist is being a celeb groupie Dr. Thomas wonders aloud about going to California and the journalist offers to drive him there. In Paterniti's book Dr. Thomas Harvey comes across as a sympathetic character but pretty eccentric. Interest in making a movie from Paterniti's book about their drive from NJ to California was quelled by Harvey and his family feeling antipathy towards the project. I don't blame them.

Fortunately I bought Possessing Genius by Carolyn Abraham a few weeks ago and I am a little over half way through the book. Abraham is a medical reporter for mainstream press (in Canada) and she's done a great job of researching and writing of the odyssey of Einstein's brain from its birth in the womb on through Einstein's life to its out of body adventures. It's a great read. I will read any other book by her but the Einstein brain story is extraodinary.

My other major activity (besides work) the last few weeks has been at http://www.rateyourmusic.com I found it when googling for info on the music of Jerry Hunt who I had the priviledge of meeting and working with in the mid '70s. I saw him last in the mid 80s. He rocked.

Anyway, rate your music is a non-commercial site where people list, review and rate music. I estimate that I own over 5,000 recordings so at my current rate of about 5 per day I guess it will take about three years to get them all listed. I am also going to use their list feature to list all the memorable music events I've witnessed in person. Tonight I started with when I saw the Beatles in 1965.
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From: ronjeremyslover Date: May 19th, 2005 10:25 pm (UTC) (Link)

The Lonely Bull

Of course, I know by your post that you meant "Driving Mr. ALBERT," but I can't help but entertain the notion of driving the musician around while listening to "Casino Royale" and "This Guy's in Love With You." I'd read that book, too!

I'm currently reading "On the Road with the Ramones" by road manager Monte Melnick. In the book, the band members talk about how, back in the 1960s, Johnny Ramone went to a Beatles concert in NYC armed with a bag of rocks to pelt the band with! As they said, it doesn't get more punk rock than that! (He was unable to throw the rocks far enough, tho.)

From: wrayb Date: May 20th, 2005 04:12 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: The Lonely Bull

That's funny! I like that. So typical of me to make a mistake like that since I went and got the book to be sure I was spelling the author's name right. Herb and the guys would provide a great sound track to the peringrations of Dr. Thomas Harvey!

I never did think of the Ramones as punk rock. To me they were a New York (or perhaps Coney Island) version of the Beach Boys.
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