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work work work - words first — LiveJournal
some sense later
work work work
gotta get to work. I'm an hour late but after working 12 plus hours Mon thru Sat they gotta cut me some slack on this lovely spring Sunday.

Last night got home at 8:30pm and watched Tracey Ullman HBO special. Interesting to me, who knew nothing about her and have seen only a couple of her HBO 1/2 programs and interesting to majors fans I expect. I don't know about the general intelligentia out there.

Then, being to tired and zombified I just couldn't pull away from the tv and finally saw an episode of the Ali G show. Curious to see how this guy career evolves. Watched the last 20 minutes of a Waynan's goof about Juice in the Hood, very silly. Saw one whole episode of the Larry David show, I already forget the title of the program. I just don't get it, but I don't like the Seinfield show either. And then finally I ended my TV viewing for the night watching the last half of Chuck Norris's bizarre comedy _Delta Force_. So bizarre. It is like there is this movie and then there is Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin animations layered into the movie. Sorta like Woody Allen's writing of his comedy soundtrack over the Japanese detective movie. Hugely comic at times and other times just not fitting.


Current Mood: exanimate late, better git going

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