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canta mi corazon

Dang. It is just too hard to make the last "o" in corazon be accented as it should be.

At the laundry this morning saw a chunk of the Mexican movie "Canta mi Corazon" from '64/'65. It stars then young rock/pop star Enrique Guzman. A music business family story, his mom was a famous ballad singer now in retirement and now he wants to rock. With her suggestions he becomes a star. Like a Mexican Ozzie & Harriet Nelson family style show biz story. Entertaining music, hilarious cliches. I hope I can record or buy it someday to be able to appreciate all the nuances.

Went to Book Off, a Japanese used book and vid and cd store on 41st between Fifth Ave & Sixth Ave on Saturday morning since I had to work near there from 6am to 10am. From the Japanese packaging I wasn't sure if it was a Japanese revival band or original material: Buxom blond in one piece photo'd in a studio and printed in front of rocky water bay scene. Back cover has generic guys riding big wave pic. Now I'm rockin' to my true roots via The Lively Ones, south cali guitar band from '62-'64. They were mostly successful live and played many of the popular tunes of the day: Wipeout, Pipeline, Miserlou, Exodus, Rawhide, Telstar, Tequila and more better if less know tunes. Reminds me how that music was the first that I tried playing on drums back in Amarillo in 1963. Yes I did get the Wipeout drum part down tight.

OK, the sun is out, I should try to enjoy some of my weekend outside.

laters ya'll.
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