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i won't be back

Sign me up as one of the latest Firefox web browser converts. I've been a user of Opera for the last few years on my Windows box but have been using Safari on the Mac i got last fall. A few days ago I downloaded a "security update" which changed a couple of options and I could not find how to change it back: namely I no longer could select which I download a file or photo "on the fly." I could configure the default but when right clicking (yes, nowadays a MAC and do left and right clicks) I could no longer do "save as." There may be some way to turn that feature back on but instead apple's loss is Firefox's gain.

I do want to point out that Firefox does build on many features pioneered by Opera. Oh well. Tons other more interesting stuff I could be writing about instead. Not tonight. Crap, 2:15am already. I did sleep from 7pm to 11pm, the result of getting only a few hours sleep last night and being at work at 6am to go defend our system against an irate user.

what they say, another day, another...
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