nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

silly web vids

Here are a bunch of silly web vids.
The host is some company that sells web services, no noticable
ill affects from visiting the site.

If you didn't see it before, the Grandma Wassup at the end is
entertaining. I can't believe that the cat vs sunroof actually
ran as a commercial.

Lady In Bathroom

Bad Blind Date Introduction

Dumb Truck Stunt

How Arguments Should End

Man Fights Bear For Salmon

Don't Mess With This Car

Cat Boxing

Dangers of Ice FIshing

Feature Act at Laffs

Feature Act at Improv

The Last Rolo

Olympic Ouch!

When Reptiles Attack


Holding It Together

Boredom Wheel

Bush and Blair

End of Romance

Jack in the Box

Men Do Not Like Directions

Pool Jump


Bad Singer

Grandma Skydive

Flying Kitty

Karate Chimp

Reebok Ad

Men Screw Up Romance

Cat Adoption

Dog Speak

Cat vs. Sunroof

Close Call


New Workout Equipment


Grandma Wassup
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