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more interesting, filtering out any interest with over 1000 peeps

*Edit: yoiks, i didn't even look to see that it was scrambled. Their html code generator left off a > after value="1000" if you care to tinker to make it display correctly.*

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. fetish models score: 18
2. fetish fashion score: 17
3. john cage score: 15
4. jean genet score: 14
5. yukio mishima score: 14
6. steve diet goedde score: 12
7. shibari score: 11
8. italo calvino score: 10
9. antonin artaud score: 10
10. aubrey beardsley score: 9
11. skin two score: 9
12. steve reich score: 9
13. thomas pynchon score: 9
14. japanese rope bondage score: 9
15. varla magazine score: 8
16. joel-peter witkin score: 8
17. chet baker score: 8
18. theremin score: 8
19. elvira score: 8
20. sun ra score: 8

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changed by ouwiyaru based on code by ixwin
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