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Burlesque As It were

Last night the Thirsty Girl and World Famous Pontani Sisters produced "first annual" NY Burlesque Festival had it's big night. Friday night and this afternoon there were also events but last night had the biggest line up.

I did my little 15 seconds on stage: Doing what comes natural, being a spaz and a leering nasty man. I nearly missed it by severely under estimating the time it would take me to make it from my stage front spot where I witnessed the 1st half of the show through the crowd and then up back to the dressing room and then backstage. I'm sure the ladies from Burlesque As It Was were worried that I had flaked out when I finally made it back stage huffing and puffing "did you see my hat?" just a couple of minutes before we were to go on. The ladies (they were doing a tap dance routine along with shaking their assets) did great. I've received no reviews except from my stage front buddy, who, when I returned to pick up my bag that he was holding, said: "Hey, you were part of the show." I guess he thought I was just going off to the loo when I asked hime to watch my bag.

More later. Been so busy haven't kept up with reading the others journals.

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