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The results

Everybody, including me, was wrong about the results of the meeting.

First, I am freaking exhausted. For some reason after going for my swim last night (and it happened the other times too) I ended up staying awake way too late. Maybe it is the ride home on the elevated train with low teens temperature. Although it was in the 20s last night I think.

Anyway, I went to sleep way too late last night and this morning I am dashing out of my apt at 7:05 hoping I will make it to the office in time to dial the conference bridge at 8am. Just as I step into the hallway my supervisor calls me and tells me that the conference was at 6AM our time and he just got off the phone with them. He happened to check his email when he got up a few minutes after 6am. They e-mailed us about changing the time of the conference 4am our time.

My supervisor (who is my bud as well) decided to not call me but he jumped on the phone. After hearing complaints that he was late on the call and where was I and why didn't we bring this issue to their attention sooner (we have been trying to get the issue addressed since last April) they got down to business.

It seems that the two development groups realized that they had both changed their own part of the application and had assumed that the other had not changed. So they realized that was causing problems plus one admitted to the proof of one bug we found and the other admitted to ignoring part of the data and hoping no one would notice. Mission semi accomplished and all I had to do was send lots of e-mails and application trace/debug logs. My supervisor listened to the finger pointing and excuses.

Next course of action? Why I have to create more trace/debug logs of course. Anyway...

Here is something in memory of our recent holiday and perhaps in celebration of the inauguration as well.

a comment on the state of our country

Of course someone (a_barrese) on livejournal read about that in someone's (iocaste) livejournal and then I recorded it.

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