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i'll try to make this brief

For some reason I was real horny last night. Even the scrawny actress on Iron Chef looked hot to me. But I was so tired I fell asleep early, for me, by 1:20am.

This morning as I was waking up my last couple of dreams had me finding out that this hot young French lady in New Orleans lusted for me and we got together but alas I was moving out of town (near as I can figure this is a combination of one person and snippets of my past in NO, not a particular person) and when I was on the road I happened to see Mistress Persephone at a restaurant/rest stop or something. I sat down to say hello and then was concerned because someone at my new job (who likes to go to NYC underground "stripper" events where full contact lap dances, hand jobs and more can be negotiated) sees me and sits down with us.

The brain trying to inventory recent events I guess. I worked all day Saturday with the co-worker. He gave me a ride home and we stopped to eat at Indian restaurant on the way. Last night in mrpunkerotic's journal Miss P had posted a link to her LJ entry of a few months ago with teen pics.

OK, i will get something done today. More than just laundry and online blather...
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