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ho ho ho

Although i might be around a lot this weekend i'm a gonna try not be be doing LJ much. Want to open my presents to myself and hook up my little home audio studio that I shopped for during Thanksgiving.

I'm back on the rooibos and brandy cough concoction. This time with lime which might not be as "medicinal" as lemon but it's what I've got. By Wednesday afternoon the fever was gone and I was feeling better but a little weak.

Great, so I worked all night last night trying to rebuilt indexes and compact a database via a dial up connection to a server room no one is allowed to enter because the humidity is too low and static electricity might affect the economy. Wasn't much to do but check on progress and do a command a couple of times an hour. So of course between rebuilding and failing and rolling back I sat up all night surfing lj drama and goth pr0n. A lot better than being in a cold server room all night. Linked a few new LJ friends as a result. Some even LJ friended me back. How nice. One is even someone I been checking out online for a couple of years but had lost contact with (thanks Rachel).

I worked all day and now I am too wired to know when it's bed timey. Hopefully the brandy will help me fade into the nocturnal bliss that is sleep.

Recently kumimonster did version 3 (at least) of her rant about "fetish" modeling and photography and models wannabees and photographers wannabees and help me's botheration. What triggered her has a lot to do with the dynamics of the internet and "everybody's a star" and "everybody's in show biz" (isn't at least one of those a Ray Davies song?) but she also touched on aspects of aesthetic standards/values/what ever and WHAT IS FETISH.

It has set me to thinking. When I first met kumi and Midori in person at bond con in June 2002 Midori made a presentation for the The Eulenspiegel Society (TES): What is Fetish.

Along with entertainingly expressing what "turns her on" (my words, surely she didn't say anything like that except perhaps in jest) the subject was batted about by her and bounced back by some of the attendees. Midori seemed to see her presentation and dialog with community members as a step in a process of illuminating what might be fetish. I haven't learned of any publication by her on the subject. I am still mulling it over myself.

OK, I just bottoms upprd my cough serum. Coughing diminished.

I want to explore that idea (fetish/aesthetics--not cough serum) but once again I try to think when I should be sleeping. Dang that day job.


Oh, yeah. Happy Ho Ho.


ps: of course i used spell check! in my condition what might you expect?

pps: the zicam works great for cold and nasal, but didn't stop that throat thing that attacked me.
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