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ho ho ho - words first
some sense later
ho ho ho
Although i might be around a lot this weekend i'm a gonna try not be be doing LJ much. Want to open my presents to myself and hook up my little home audio studio that I shopped for during Thanksgiving.

I'm back on the rooibos and brandy cough concoction. This time with lime which might not be as "medicinal" as lemon but it's what I've got. By Wednesday afternoon the fever was gone and I was feeling better but a little weak.

Great, so I worked all night last night trying to rebuilt indexes and compact a database via a dial up connection to a server room no one is allowed to enter because the humidity is too low and static electricity might affect the economy. Wasn't much to do but check on progress and do a command a couple of times an hour. So of course between rebuilding and failing and rolling back I sat up all night surfing lj drama and goth pr0n. A lot better than being in a cold server room all night. Linked a few new LJ friends as a result. Some even LJ friended me back. How nice. One is even someone I been checking out online for a couple of years but had lost contact with (thanks Rachel).

I worked all day and now I am too wired to know when it's bed timey. Hopefully the brandy will help me fade into the nocturnal bliss that is sleep.

Recently kumimonster did version 3 (at least) of her rant about "fetish" modeling and photography and models wannabees and photographers wannabees and help me's botheration. What triggered her has a lot to do with the dynamics of the internet and "everybody's a star" and "everybody's in show biz" (isn't at least one of those a Ray Davies song?) but she also touched on aspects of aesthetic standards/values/what ever and WHAT IS FETISH.

It has set me to thinking. When I first met kumi and Midori in person at bond con in June 2002 Midori made a presentation for the The Eulenspiegel Society (TES): What is Fetish.

Along with entertainingly expressing what "turns her on" (my words, surely she didn't say anything like that except perhaps in jest) the subject was batted about by her and bounced back by some of the attendees. Midori seemed to see her presentation and dialog with community members as a step in a process of illuminating what might be fetish. I haven't learned of any publication by her on the subject. I am still mulling it over myself.

OK, I just bottoms upprd my cough serum. Coughing diminished.

I want to explore that idea (fetish/aesthetics--not cough serum) but once again I try to think when I should be sleeping. Dang that day job.


Oh, yeah. Happy Ho Ho.


ps: of course i used spell check! in my condition what might you expect?

pps: the zicam works great for cold and nasal, but didn't stop that throat thing that attacked me.

Current Mood: bitchy Yo! i am a fetish model!
Current Music: Ventures - Walk, Don't Run

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(Deleted comment)
From: wrayb Date: December 23rd, 2004 11:17 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: When it comes to 'fetish photography'

there are the aspects of fetish as fad and fashion.

there are also provocative and erotic photos.

both fed by (or feeding off of) the creative need of lifestyle fetish.

the lines are not always clear. also, stimulated by your comment, i recall that fetish does exist without photographs (insert wry smiley) but that exhibitionism can be a fetish. In fact the evening of Midori's presentation, before she refocused us all and ended with some delish recitations, it kind of trailed off into is there anything that can't be a fetish and what is eroticism in that context.

oh, god. i hope these words don't embarrass me too much tomorrow.

From: wrayb Date: December 24th, 2004 07:28 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: When it comes to 'fetish photography'

my main morning after regret is that I didn't acknowledge my liking of many of your photographs. Yes you make "girls posing provocatively" photos but you have also shared many striking photographs of er, let me call them documentation of fetish lifestylers. Sorry if my appreciation is skewed by my continued lack of comfortable and precise thought/words about what is fetish.

Hmmmm. I was going to link back to one of your photos I particularly like but found I couldn't go back earlier than Sept in your posts.

Oh, well, another time.

From: shanekeiko Date: December 24th, 2004 10:46 am (UTC) (Link)

literal or figurative?

Someone in the leather world once told me, "Everyone has a fetish. You think of something and I'll bet it turns on someone out there." I think I was remarking on how dirty the soles of my feet were from walking around barefoot.

If one turns away slightly from the literal definition of "fetish," are we really talking about "preferences"?

I've seen/met quite a few women who have no clue as to what their own sexuality consists of, therefore are willing to do most anything for a shoot because it meets with the approval of the photographer. I find that to be rather sad. I want to give 'em a good shake and hand them a reader on 21st century feminism.
From: wrayb Date: December 24th, 2004 11:08 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: literal or figurative? preferences

Yes, previous discussions explored what is preference vs. fetish. More exploration and charted is needed.

my toss of words into the realm of ideas has nearly as many divergent threads as kumi's rant. I am hoping to hone in on having "erotic" take its proper (and respectable) place and not have "fetish" diluted into anything of fashion with latex, tattoo, piercing, rope or leather. The concept of fetish has transitioned from (as Midori put it) the "old dead white guys" clinical term to 1950s whips and enclosure to what? Now is the evolution of what.
From: shanekeiko Date: December 24th, 2004 01:53 pm (UTC) (Link)

now and then

True indeed -- evolution of terminology to capture desire.

I wonder if we collectively use as few words as possible in our vocabularies, partly because the younger generations do not read as much as previous ones, so in order to transmit ideas, we look to a baseline term that isn't fully understood or accurately defined, but it conveys an idea.
From: wrayb Date: December 24th, 2004 02:42 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: now and then

conveys an idea? more like has associations. modern world culture is dominated by sound bites and advertising photography. for darwinian reasons that which is communicated is that which can be perceived in the few seconds that we make up out mind whether to change the channel or not. The option of 999 channels conditions us to make our choice quickly or we may miss what we are looking for. That is one condition of learning and communication now.

I am remembering that it is up to those who find something of value or truth to place it upon an alter. To honor it and to protect it. I am speaking of identifying and elevating ideas. Although there are the foibles of clickishness and fascism and religion to avoid. So the goal should be learning and appreciation and celebration.

Gawd. I so hesitate to put these words out, even among the dozen or so that might read it. Sounds pretty pompous. I think I am trying to rev myself up to do something or other. Take on a new project. But hopefully it will result in something pretty and entertaining and appreciated by the intelligentia among the peers I have chosen.

From: shanekeiko Date: December 25th, 2004 09:08 am (UTC) (Link)

and yet ...

... whether it pleases you ought to be of paramount importance!
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