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fever dreams

From out of nowhere [ok, maybe the result of staying up until nearly 4am Sunday night when I had to be up at 6am and at work soon after and getting about 4 hours sleep last night] I have fever and sore throat. Likely a (so far) mild case of strep. Sleep and home remedies for a day or so to see if I can shake it.

Eating a soup I made (kinda a Tibetan, Chinese borst) I am also eating the last slice of a loaf of Russian light rye bread that I think is over 9 months old. I know that I bought it no later than last May, because the teen was still with me. It was probably March or earlier that I bought it because I usually buy bread like this to go with cold weather soups/stews, etc. So weird. No mold, no spoilage. Been keeping it in the ice box where I found several science projects when I cleaned it out a couple weeks ago. I was about to toss out the bread but thought I would look at it (I admit, I do like science projects) the bread has the same slightly stale taste it had when I first bought it. A June 27 expiration date. I remember something about russian black bread being the only staple surviving over the winter in some book I read years ago. But this is just weird. "No artificial flavors or preservative" "Authentic Russian bread based on recipes going back Hundreds of Years" Romanoff. Perhaps curse of the Romanoffs.

The bread has nothing to do with the weird dream I had a few hours ago.

Co-worker and I walking to table in restaurant. We pass a family where there is some interaction between the father and son over the son's internet activities. I can't help but smirk but am surprised when the father notes my reaction and glares.

We continue on to our table and a few minutes later the family passes us on their way out. Children and wife go past and just after passing the father turns around, puts his hand on my shoulder and says, "You better watch out. I know what you've been doing at You're not going to get away with it." He walked on.

Like what the fuck, man, in my dream I wonder aloud to my co-worker what could he be talking about or implying. I wonder if his son might have been hanging out in some of the fetish model groups or something and I've been interacting with the kid thinking that he was an adult.

Quick dream transition. I am home. I can't resist checking out the (and yes there is such a group. something about dogs. no fetish. phew.) yahoo group. As soon as I hit the url it starts loading a video which is a series of porn or unusual fetish scenarios where my face has been photoshopped (or whatever for video) onto one of the participants in each scene. Then either my mind or the video starts running the scenes in a way that starts with the photograph where my face was taken (mostly family photos from years and years ago, photos actual and imagined) and then morphs my face into the porn. More than a little freaked I go to tell my room mate (someone who I roomed with over 30 years ago and haven't seen for over 25 years).

My roomie is more interested in the fact that he has a full figured Latex clad woman in his bed and has just pulled up her top to reveal standard issue electrical tape Xs on her nipples. He mentions something about maybe that the guy from the restaurant is a psycho hacker and he trojaned my computer to get the photographs and figured out my identify from info he found on my computer. Before I can respond about that makes no sense, what was going on in the restaurant, blah, blah, my roomie shoos me out.

I return to my room. A video tape emerges Videodrome style from the computer screen. The video tape oddly shaped, more than a little Cronenberg / Burroughs bug shaped. It places itself into the VCR deck. I watch. More of the same until finally culminating in a demonic female who also starts looking like Jeff the toothy worm from Men in Black II (even in my dream I realize the similarity). The combination of bizarre and silly along with the telemarketer ringing my phone ends the dream.

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