nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

an evening of Marlene Dietrich

Sitting down to dinner, i always watch tv while eating, flipping channels I find "Shanghai Express" is on TCM. First time to see it and the following movie, "Morocco." For 1930 and '32 these films are great. Sternberg making S. Cali into China and then Morocco. Yes it is proto hollywood. [oh shit. Marlene just said "how do you like me now" with a very contemporary inflection. Haaa. 60 years before becoming common currancy] Only thing that seems a bizarre unnecessary inauthenticism to me is having the local sluts speak Spanish. I dunno why these movies aren't on dvd yet. Great soundtracks. Nice north african sounding music now.

Of course watching these two movies means that I go to work tomorrow without having done the 3 hours of work i said i would do during my 2 week vacation. but i was so busy. sleeping.

-oh, shit! have to edit this to add how hilarious the final scene of Morocco is. What? She's gonna walk across the desert in heels. Lucious leaving of the heels in the sand. and then Marlene behind the goats, following Gary Cooper into the sunset. heee haw. but romantic.
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