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me me meme me me me me me me me me

This evening I double triple quadruple determined that I would really truly do laundry. Home from work a bit early. Checked e-mail, read a little lj, ate dinner (Filipino restaurant left overs) did a little more LJ. OK, i told myself, a short after dinner nap and then off to the laundry mat. I had already bundled it all up before dinner. Went to sleep before 8. Work up little after 10. OK, I can do it now, I thought. whole process takes about 2 hours there and back and folding and such. Now it is 4 hours later and my plan for establishing my bedroom as a multimedia center has moved forward a couple of steps. The lego "heavy duty" shelf I bought at Home Depot is assembled and has my tuner/speakers/dvd player on it. Also my computer monitor is on shelf 3 and I've setup the kvm switch between "big black" and "lil blue" (my big black AMD duron w2k server and the G3 little blue tower).

Very indulgent. Oh well, hand wash some undies and socks and I'll make it to the weekend.
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