January 21st, 2017

What the Trump?

On Thursday, at work, I heard short bits of the pre-inauguration concert. Afterward heard CNN reporter comment about Toby Keith giving a shout out to Obama. Curious I searched online, not able to google any quote I've started listening / watching the whole concert via the New York Times web site. So far have greatly enjoyed the US Army old corp fife drum and bugle team. Listened to them twice. Now totally at loss at hearing the Rolling Stones music being used by the P.A. sound team as filler before Trump is presented. First, "Let's Spend the Night Together", and then "You Can't Always Get What You Want". Really!?#!%! Then they fade down the music and announce Trump and his wife (not long after the words about "she was practiced at deception well I could tell by the blood stained hands". Was it just coincidence put together by a perverse universe or some sardonic humor from twisted sound crew.

A couple other comments on ascendancy of Trump to the presidency. I guess I now have an answer of what I would do if I was tied to the railroad tracks old school waiting for the express train to arrive I would watch it head on. I've watched more inauguration broadcast in the last two days than in the last 60+ years. I just can't look away. During the election I avoided watching as much as possible. In fact I think today is the first time I've heard an announcer say the name of Trump's current wife, the new First Lady.

I had previously hoped that if I avoided election media coverage from August through November that I would not have his ghoul presence image burned into my brain and I would never have to hear of Trump again.

Didn't work out that way.

Going to listen more to see if I can find the Toby Keith shout out, but now also wondering if "Sympathy for the Devil" is going to pop up...