September 30th, 2012

ok, so I'm in Japan for a week or so...

The focus of this trip is visiting family. So far two typhoons and one family visit. Four more family visits (all these are with different people, meeting them one at a time) planned.

On the airplane (delta) they had several Japanese movies. I will have to dig up the titles of what I saw. I'm so bad at remembering. But ok at googling, here's the one I found most interesting: About one of the main Japanese Navy commanders during WWII: Yamamoto

After seeing that on the air plane and then finding left (by a fellow tourist) in the hallway of my Japanese Inn (ryokan) a brochure, I'm all primed to make first visit to Yushukan, the exhibition hall at Yasukuni Jinja. The sometime controversial (as symbol of warlike Japan) shrine to Japan's warriors.

Otherwise, so far I've spent over $40 on old style Japanese singers on 5 CDs but haven't found anything inspiring. Solid enka and enka flavored pop and one Japanese response to the Beatles invasion. I may need to finally submit to some other gaijin's expertise to figure which singers to get outside of the 4 or so obvious heavy hitters of enka which I like a lot but know so little about.

And now, the weather: The typhoon brought several minutes of heavy heavy rain and several hours of window rattling wind to central Tokyo where I'm staying. So since that 8 foot pole from the banner that went sailing over my head merely clattered to the street instead of impaling me, I can report only moderate affect of the typhoon on Tokyo. Okinawa had more of a Louisiana delta experience from what I see on the news. Side note: Japan refers to the storms by number (of the storm for current year) and not by name. So this one was 17.

My personal worst experience so far is dumping my beer on my lap on the airplane. If I had known the crotch irritation that I would be experiencing I would have spent time in the lavatory drying off me and me undies. Instead I figured in 8 hours I would be fairly dry so why worry about it. Mistake.