November 11th, 2009

Dear Doctor

I've had this cold which seems a bit more tenacious than what I've had in the past and feel feverish although no measurable fever. So I went to a doctor, the first in over 12 years. The last time I was about go embark on cross country holiday driving trip and didn't want to head out and turn out to be seriously sick. Nothing but my first prostate exam and clean bill of health. This time it is a little different: "Have you heard of Claritin? Try something more than generic benadryl clone. And keep drinking lots of herbal teas."

Oh, plus, since I am of an age now, they have scheduled me for a series of tests that they think people over 50 should be having.

At least now I've got referral to surgeon to get my hernia taken care of. Near 2 years since it first tore at me.