November 26th, 2007


In Mexico

Even though my apartment has mice and roaches and the teen doesn't seem to be able to take out garbage or ... well, no need to go into all the little messes ... I have lots of my own, anyway: It's good to be back home. Nice to have a typical weekend lite breakfast of cranberry walnut bread with tart, not very sweet, orange marmalade and a single-plantation-harvest-date-known black tea. Laundry and travel expense reimbursement reports were my top priority today but I also want to share a bit of my last day in Mexico with you.

That's my last meal in Mexico (this trip) being prepared. A little food court in the Mercado Insurgente on Calle Londres in Zona Rosa which is a warren of dozens and dozens of Mexican crafts and trinkets shops. I didn't photo any of them since I was constantly being barraged with "Senor, I make you a very good price, it costs you nothing to look, please come in and see," etc. while I tried to select a couple of scarfs/rebosos for my daughter. Upon the suggestion of the proprietress (not pictured) I ordered a few taco sized quesadillas (pictured). Ate one each of cheese, chicken and beef; got an alfalfa, guanababa & lime liquidada from the juice shop across the aisle and dashed off to the airport.

The trip to the airport and 5-6 hours on the plane were the end of a long day which started Collapse )