September 30th, 2007


up to date

This weekend I am spending all the time I can at

Plus I worked a full day on Saturday. So no time to catch up on everybody's journal.

There was something else I was going to relate but forget now.

Oh wait, yeah, wow, I remember now, it was something I saw on the computer. Waking up without caffiene this morning. Impressive.

In e-mail this morning my father sent me this "find your real age (based on health habits, etc)/life expectancy" thing.

Shows you the interests of the 70 plus set on the internet. My real age is 56. I came in at something like 48 with life expectancy of low 80s. Mostly the result of no smoking (except 2nd hand smoke, grrrrr), light daily exercise and ok eating habits. Also they asked about family history in heart and diabetes but they didn't ask about Parkinson's disease.

Ok now some food and then to Coney.

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