April 16th, 2005

time for an update so the concert MEME

With malixe I finally find someone with whom I've got some overlap:

* the Kinks
* The Who - unfortunately it was the Quadrophenia tour. I remember very little from the show and can't even blame it on drugs. what a sad bore.
* John Lee Hooker
* Jonathan Richman
* Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (seeing them live convinced me I lost interest in jazz/country/fusion music)
* Grateful Dead (I saw them in Dallas in '69 and in San Fran in '70, i wasn't bored but not enthralled either but I may be covering up my previous enthusiasm)

These from malixe's meme list I would like to see (or to have seen, as appropriate):
Roy Orbison
Dave Edmunds
David Bowie
Bo Diddley

and Elvis Costello is on my wanna see list too. That is, I wish I had seen him in the 70s.
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bookish matters

I was thinking about doing the 5 books meme but my books are in piles or in storage, neither readily accessible, plus a list of 5 would be so arbitrary and vary week to week anyway. So instead I thought I would Collapse )The part that made me crack up was the parallel between public oratory and pornography. Made me think of how politics currently operates in this country with the speeches made for manipulation in total disregard for reality.

The writer was Rayner Heppenstall who is new to me. Googling I have learned that he is known mostly for having been beaten with a "shooting stick" by George Orwell and then writing about it. They were roomies. Heppenstall also wrote some "anti-novel" novels and is credited with the line: "We are all largely fictitious, even to ourselves."

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