December 20th, 2004

winter wonderland

ok, i'm a flake but we all already knew that. I slept the afternoon away after returning from the laundry. At 8pm I headed outdoors. I had planned to trim my hair and clean up and go out to the December edition of bad ass burlesque.

Untrimmed and unfed I was still unsure if I would grab a naan and kebab and eat on the subway or if I would only go eat. Once outside I saw that it was snowing. Suddenly I knew my destination: Tibetan Yak. Who know better than Tibetans how to make food appropriate for eating on a snowing evening. I got my usual rolled noodle soup and some lamb curry. Sorry ladies of Bad Ass Burlesque. Hope your evening was a smashing success.

Waiting for the food I browsed the new issue of Migyul. Once again I find myself reaching for tissue to quickly damp and hide my tears. Damn. Between the very lovely voluptuous young Nepali and Tibetan women in the restaurant and the stories of hope and optimism for this culture in exile my emotions always get all stirred up. The article that bushwhacked me this time is the recount of Kelsang Dolma Dodin's run in the recent NYC marathon.

Sigh. As long as those Commies are being cooperative capitalists I guess we overlook their political and human rights transgressions. Just realized that the year of "liberation" in Tibet is the same as that in Cuba: 1959. Strange juxtaposition.

Yoiks. It's 1am. In 4 hours I am scheduled to start work. Start is relative, since for the last 1/2 hour I've been rebuilding a hard drive in New Jersey. Wonders of telecommuting but I try to balance these hours of working after hours with time spent browsing the thrifts of nyc during work hours.

I wonder if there is snow on the ground.

laters lovelies.
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why are we not sleeping

this quiz should have included caffeine as a drug. even though the VU pretty much helped me survive puberty i didn't think i would come up with this result. after all i'm a straight edge kinda guy or whatever that is called. i think.

Lou Reed
You are Lou Reed. Founder and main songwriter for
the Velvet Underground, you were one of the
first rock and rollers to explicitly write
songs about drugs. The one you are usually
remembered for is "Heroin", but
"White Light/White Heat" proves that
your drug of choice was clearly speed. Despite
the fact that you did as much, if not more,
smack as any other rock icon, you never
overdosed, got yourself clean, and continue to
live a happy life to this day.
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