August 23rd, 2004

photos at the museum day

Went to the Metropolitan Museum to see again the August Sander exhibit and possibly buy the 7 volume book set. I also wanted to take a snap shot of another Balthus painting that I didn't photo on my previous visit. On the way from Sander's photos to the Pierre Matisse collection exhibit I bumped into a room of Weimar drawings and paintings. One of the images not on the Met's web page is a painting by Groz. I tried to photo it but in the process found that the battery was low and that I had not recharged the extra. Not sure how it turned out, if it's reasonable I'll share later.

(oops, speaking of battery charge best go put it in the charger right now before I forget again.)

OK, where am I, oh yes, back to the Sander photos. I was trying to decide if I really needed to spend $100 on this big box of books. After all, I am still over $5000 in credit card debt from 1.5 years of doing nothing but being an internet voyeur, and anyway I have way more books than will fit into my apartment. There is an Aperture monograph for about 12 bucks, that would be enough...

I got my answer when, after renewing my Met membership, I noted a single volume version of Sander's "People of the 20th Century" displayed on the membership desk. They are selling it for $80. I immediately thought, shit, that's why they were selling the multi volume version so cheap, this smaller cheaper (in production values as well as price) version was coming out. I could not keep from almost running up to the photo exhibit area to see if there were any more of the full set still available. There was. It was heavy but it did fit into my back pack. The single volume version seems to have all the photos plus an extensive introductory essay, but the multi volume set is as close a possible to what Sander envisioned for his project.

There is also a book on Sander's work by novelist Alfred Doblin, but it's not translated and it seems that somewhere along the line in my life I overlooked my plan to learn German.

OK, I just spent way too much time looking for a link on Alfred Doblin. Feh. Lots, but nothing truly informative. I guess if Fassbinder had not filmed "Berlin Alexanderplatz," Doblin would be just another Weimar obscure foot note. Sorry no photos of paintings for now. Need to eat something and sleep. Want to start at least one work week not all groggy from lack of sleep.


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