June 14th, 2004

denver return

back from Denver now. Should be asleep, cause really have to work this week, darn. being in training is so easy. wish I could be a student. spent last two days in foothills of the rockies at my cousin's house. ate meat seared on grill or lots of fruits and yoghurt. discovered that my aunt makes some of the greatest if also the simplest potato salad ever. OK, enough none content. later.

ps: took a look at a nikon D70 that a friend of a friend just bought. tempting. it uses a wide variety of SLR lenses as well as lense made for it. dang, i'd like to get a camera that can perform so i could take better pictures of performers but i still got several thousand of debt from my 1.5 year of being out of work. oh, well, there will be a better camera available at that price point by next year, i tell myself.
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    wheezing of my breathing, damn that airflight messed me up..