June 11th, 2004


oh life

i went to see The Day After Tomorrow tonight. I went mostly hoping to be entertained by the special effects of catastrophe striking NYC, a city I know and love. I've heard no positive comments over plot/story line except for discussions over the validity of the weather premises. In spite of that I have found the movie quite moving.

Yes, the sappy plot human interest threads made me laugh many times. Still, likely because my current personal soap opera primes me for father/son story lines, the movie makes me seriously consider what I can do to become a contributing human again instead of someone who just tries to pay the rent and cover the bills.

Watch out. I might actually start writing about what I've seen and thought through this life. But right now I'd best get to sleep. Gotta get up and deal with the Real World (god, how sad that term has been so unfortunately appropriated by tv) in just a few hours.

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Играем в колбасу! У кого длиннее?

{Участников:32}-{nightway}- hmmm. that whack dude nightway made this thing that if you put your own lj user name in the blank that it would create this goof entry in your own journal. spikyme commented that he felt he should change his password after doing it and on consideration i think he may be right. that php script could capture one's password as part of the process. so i also cleaned the "meme" from my entry.