November 8th, 2003

me me me me me me

i realized that since i don't have a "default" user picture that when someone wonders who the hell i am lurking around their journal they can't see what pictures i've uploaded to represent me. It isn't that i am hiding them, it is just that i really like the little smooth headed figure that lj uses to represent a user and i feel that it represents me as well or better than any images made by other means. So i prefer not to have a default picture so that i can post and can choose to have just the little lj user icon there to represent me.

So, in the interest of not appearing so mysterious, i link here to the images i have up in live journal:

ok, that was my son's halloween mask a few years ago. i found it on a closet shelf and it had melted and shrunk a bit. i feel there is a lot of resemblance between it and i.

on a spring morning i used my futon as background for a quick low res self portrait.

a crop from a photo i took of a performer in a New York performance space. She had pasties on and was twirling a red scarf around herself and somehow this is what the camera saw.

like whoaah.

an artist rendition of one of my many selves.

OK? Now you know.