May 17th, 2003


work and play

Long day of work today. It's ok. All overtime. I will like seeing that paycheck. And I am getting back into the swing of things at work. Is it very sick to get some feeling of job well done when dealing with configuring software/hardware mostly based on M$oft and big corp telecommunications tech?

Re: As the World Turns: As I said before, stuff with my ex and negotiations over custody of my son; it is just like a soap opera. In less than 12 hours it went from "send a ticket for him for next Saturday" to "any time in the next few weeks." It would not surprise me if it changes a couple more times before he arrives here. And it's not only between her and I. He is creating his fair share of disruption, to be sure.

But now, before becoming an active dad again, I do get my moment of being a prop for some lovely ladies as they do their thing on stage. Ha, now I need to figure out who I am doing it with. I was recruited via the yahoo group called Burlesque Revue and they assume I know who they are, etc. Oh, well, no big deal, should be able to figure it out shortly. All I know for sure is they are people coming in from out of town. Besides my blabber in the yahoo group my "audition" was a couple of pictures I sent of me when hanging out with kumi at Bond Con NYC last June. If I ever win or do anything fetishy, prOny or photoporny that required me to give an acceptance speech I will have to acknowledge kumi as "the one I owe it all to."

I wonder how many other people mentally rehearse things like that, speeches for awards they'll not likely ever be accepting, or serious discussions or debates with people you'll likely never meet.

oh, oh. I'm rambling too much here. Time to go read other people's rambling.

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