May 16th, 2003

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1 am. So tired it is painful. Yesterday and today spent putting together equipment racks and running around Manhattan carrying tools and spare parts. Good. I have gotten in such bad condition. Fat gut, weak wrists/arms and short of breath after just a bit of effort, like walking up the 7 flights of stairs to my apartment. Sadly, when I am so tired I can watch tv or read e-mails but not concentrate enough to do anything necessary or useful like edit photographs or pay bills.

Fading fast. g'night.
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as the world turns

OK now, really, I have not proposed or promised to make much of this journal but I don't want it to just be a tale of woe and travails. But listen to this, I just get offered a tiny walk-on part in next Saturday's First Annual New York Burlesque Festival and at the same time my ex- finally (after months of me asking and nudging) says yes to my son returning to my custody (doesnt that evoke images of handcuffed prisoner being escorted by deputies).

He will be flying from Japan to NY and the only cheap flight I see on Travelocity arrives at 3pm. Rehearsal for the burlesque bit (just being a male prop) is to be 4:40pm after a meeting a 4pm. The world again successfully conspires against me nearly as successfully as I do against me. Alas, again the spotlights evade me. Too bad. It would have been fun. Then again who knows what changes and excitations may evolve in the next 24 hours. Maybe the travel agent can swing something better tomorrow.

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