May 9th, 2003

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After posting about how I have had at least yahoo group email exchance with all who i put on my friends list except darenzia I realized that lucifire also don't know me from adam. Curious since I've been seeing her on the internet for nearly two years. Some time when I'm not falling out I'll summarize my internet sex and erotic voyage. Some time. That will really convince folks there is nothing of entertainment or redeeming value to be found here.

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work... WORK?!?!?

Finished First week of Full time job after over a year of being virtually (in pre-computer meaning of the word) unemployed. The only saleable skill i seem to have these days is what I quit doing and had hoped to never do again: technician for particular hardware/software used in conjunction with very very large companies' telephone systems. In many ways I am very lucky: I quit by calling in sick and then never going back. Not exactly a smooth move in the corporate world. And here I am, back in a better position with a similar company for about the same money. Only bad thing is that I would much rather be a successful web pornographer or some other webbie deally. Well, not this year. Need to catchup on rent payments and payoff credit cards and pay to fix my kids' teeth. Then I'll give it that good old porno try again.

What makes this a better position is that before I was specializing in big call centers in little towns which meant going to places where I don't even remember where I was and having to work insane hours and not getting paid for all my overtime. I took this job cause I was told that it wasn't going to be like that. And DAMN, it seems they told the truth. Getting paid for ALL overtime, which means that you generally get to go home on time since they'd rather not pay overtime. And the work is heavily concentrated in the NY area so no more travel to corporate campuses in exotic places like Waverly, Iowa or Raleigh, NC or Killeen TX (of these I preferred Waverly although I did find an insanely great incredibly cheap Tex-Mex restaurant on the highway between Killeen and Waco).

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