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Scottish tonic: whiskey and honey

Had a bad cold since Monday night. Missed work Tues and Wed. Took three different cold/allergy meds Thur night in effort to staunch post Thai food (yum yum, or was it yum pla muk) mucous drainage. Ended up hyper and unable to sleep and having cold worsen after sleepless night.

Today. Very tired. Went to sleep before 9pm only to wake up at 2am from coughing. Bad planning. No cough remedies in the apt. When I was a kid (very young) parents used whiskey, honey, lemon juice mixture. After consulting Pat Willard's book of tonics and restoratives I come up with 1 cup rooibos & camomile tea, 1 shot courvoisier, 1 heaping table spoon honey. I haven't coughed since the second sip. Booze in the proper doses. Yum.

Pat Willard's recommended booze cough tonic is Drambuie and honey. So of course I just checked out drambuie dot com. Interesting, only have had drambuie a couple of times. Seems it is a tonic unto itself being Scotch whiskies, heather honey and "the secret ingredients of the original recipe." Note that Pat Willard's source for her cough tonic was from a Scottish nanny who took care when she was a wee lass. Oops. just coughed. Time for another shot of tonic.
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