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ok, where was i

erg. Nearly finished a rambling entry about my recent EBAY jag and then windows ran out of resources and went wacky. A reboot and hour of cartoon network later...

Speaking of windows, on EBAY I been looking at hifi and MAC stuff. My little all one hifi stereo isn't going to last much longer and I keep buying phonograph records so decided to get something decent for playing/recording them. Also, I've decided that I can afford a MAC, particularly since I should be able to get something functional on EBAY for two to three hundred dollahs. Nothing heavy duty, just something for web surfin' and tinkerin'.

As a consequence of all that online shopping I haven't been reading much LJ for the last 3 weeks.

I did go out to Coney Island for a couple of weekends. Indian summer, end of summer vibe along with one weekend of films and another of dancing girls.

An entertaining moment when Jo Boobs has been asked what does she want and she said she wanted Murray to kiss her ass.

Whatever reason i go out to Coney, there is always the


FasT RideS

Fire Works

BTW, that lil' white light competing with the fireworks is the moon and I think that is meat on a stick she is eating.

My fave food this season. From Williams Candy Store. Basic, but oh so scrumptious, a red candied apple. Yumm. No picture of that. I was totally concentrating on the eating part.

Here's to all the summer loves and summer memories.

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