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don't let the bed bugs bite! - words first — LiveJournal
some sense later
don't let the bed bugs bite!
truer words were never said.

my new music adventure doesn't come from the thrift store (although I have still been lugging piles home each week). it is from a French documentary which introduced me to Cheb Mami.

An Algerian living in France, he seems to have hit it big in the late 90s. what's he sound like? thought you would never ask.


that's a wray, i mean wrap.

don't know why i'm so enamoured of catch phrases and cliches this evening. Maybe the result of watching the AMC Godzilla and War of the Worlds double feature last night.

party hearty ya'll.


Current Mood: hyper itchy
Current Music: cheb mami, why do you have to ask?

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