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ok, this is going too far

in the shower i often make up song lyrics or poems in my head. i don't sing because then the crazy lady next door would hear she would start shouting at me and then at her husband and then at the Filopino lady who lives on the other side of her and then she would stick her head out her door and shout into the hall at the Korean folks who live at the end of the hall so it isn't worth it and instead I let the words ring inside my head.

The words ring and I feel all creative while in the shower and then usually go edit someone else's words or read LJ for a while and then to sleep. But crap, tonight after thinking of one poem that might even be worth writing down i suddenly realized that i was thinking about work. using all my creative juices to solve some esoteric software problem that i'm supposed to be trying to get some developer to look at and to fix and instead i am letting my creative time to myself be siphoned off into work think.

why, that makes me so indignant, so pissed off, that, why, I'm going to write about it in my live journal. so there.

and to make it all totally anti-climatic, here is the poem.

Exercise No. 43

The metallic blue basketball shoes were $15 cheaper than the black ones and $10 cheaper than the red ones but that money saved is nearly 1/2 my monthly dues to the "Y" where I've gone only once in a year so why do I buy shoes to save $15 and make myself even more self-conscious with metallic blue shoes than I already am from being so near-sighted that I have to wear my glasses into the pool and from being tall and very thin except for my butt and gut as I blush red and gasp with the least bit of running and so how will these shoes help me start getting the exercise I need.

Metallic blue and I have red shorts. Guess I need new shorts and then maybe I can get myself to go to the "Y" and exercise in the morning before work.


ps: it must have been that last phrase about work that set me off into actually thinking about work. boo. hisss.
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