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Still rainin' still dreamin'

Lay back and groove on a rainy day
Lay back and dream on a rainy day.

Still rainin' still dreamin'

-Jimi Hendrix

Worked until 1:30am last night. Nearly 3 by the time I got home. Up past 4am. So, of course I slept nearly all of today, getting up once to pee, drink water, check e-mails (and LJ, of course) for a few minutes and went back to sleep until nearly 4pm.

Had a big lunch/supper of posole and flautas. The flautas were very very good. This place, Tierras Mexicanas, I think, at 75th and Roosevelt, aims to be more than a neighborhood diner, more than a torta and taco place. The meat in the flauta was very good, very flavorful. And I had for the second time their chocolate pastel con tres leches. It's like soft moist chocolate souffle soaked with a dairy chocolate sauce that brings to mind a thick creamy melted ice cream but thicker and richer than melted ice cream would be. plus a deep chocolate syrup. I stumbled home, in a stuffed to discomfort food near coma and collapsed into bed.

Woke up just in time to make the 1.5 hour train ride to Coney Island to see Primitive Love which stars Jayne Mansfield. I guess the combination of the rain and mid August was the reason Coney Island was so empty. Surprisingly the turn out for the movie was even smaller. I think the count was 3-3 between the audience and the staff. All the other times I've been to their film series the audience numbered 30 to 60 or more.

Well, I enjoyed the show. Quite bizarre with a mix of National Geographic/Discovery Channel type footage and stuff obviously staged for the gringos and with obviously fictional scenes and also comically silly fantasy sequences along with the 60s titillation from Jayne and Jerry Lewis type slapstick by two Italian comedians. I wonder if the dialog of the comedians was funnier in their native Italian. Campy fun. Kinda, maybe. Jayne got to show off her stripper moves.

Went to the Coney Island Nathan's for fried seafood (clams, shrimp, mystery white fish) and fried potatos and lemonade. I couldn't eat it all, but got the platter cause I wanted a little of both clams and shrimp. In the last couple of years the workers there have all become whites from Russia or some eastern European place. Hell, Latvians for all I know. Three or 4 years ago the workers were mostly black. I guess in places with high worker turn over it doesn't take long for a new manager to transform a place. That's my musing on it anyway.

Another 1.5 hour on the subway and here I am with you, back in LJ land.

sleep sleep, for tomorrow i gotta gotta clean clean.

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