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The Metropolitan Museum of are has an exhibition of art from the collection of Pierre Matisse (son of Henri). I saw there a couple of paintings that were disturbingly (to me) erotic. The painter is Balthus, this was the first time I became aware of him.

hereticalpigeon linked to a drawing by Pierre Klossowski and made a comment about "the minds of these klossowski's (balthus, pierre)." I followed her link and found that indeed Balthus is Balthazar Klossowski. I've long known of Pierre Klossowski, writer (Roberte Se Soir) and running partner of George Bataille. This guy Balthus I find quite subversive. I was not prepared to stand in the Met and stare at some preteen's panty.

If I remember correctly these are of his daughter.

BTW, on the Met page they have a portrait of Pierre Matisse done by Balthus. The thing about that painting is that Pierre Matisse was a very elegant aesthete but Balthus painted him standing in a very casual manner looking like some American salesman or something. Shudderrrr. What a quietly subversive guy.


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