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weekend gone - words first — LiveJournal
some sense later
weekend gone
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From: wrayb Date: July 19th, 2004 07:52 pm (UTC) (Link)

jackson theater, Maria full of grace, etc

I love the jackson theater, but unfortunately for me they have started showing most all films with Spanish subtitles. The novelty quickly wears off, since i usually chose to see a mainstream film in a theater because i want to see the visuals on the big screen, and the clutter of the subtitles defeats that purpose. As for the theater itself, even though it is now a 3 screen theater when inside #2, the main floor, one can enjoy/see most all the tarnished and only slightly tattered glory of the past. The screen is in pretty good shape and they have a fairly up to date sound system (saw "Star Wars I" there, for example, and it was surround sound and a big enough space to truly enjoy it in.

As for the street scenes from "Maria Full of Grace," mostly it is when Roosevelt Ave gets a drive through in a taxi from about 76th to the mid 80s with flashes emphasizing the Colombian places and street life. The taxi comes from Jersey to Jackson Heights, with tastes of about all segments along the way except not Queens Blvd. Another couple of scenes are in front of an apartment bldg that seems to me to be about 83rd just south of Broadway but could be one of several other places in the area as well. A few other scenes are in commercial store fronts on the blocks just off of either Roosevelt or ? One most entertaining bit was when they basically circled the little triangle block that the theater is located on but the camera studiously misses the theater itself. Amusing sensation, buzzing around ones own location of the moment.

I recommend you trying to make the time to see it at the Jackson. I think that your ability to check out the parts of "the hood" that make it into the film will be limited if seen on a tv screen. That plus the film over-all is pretty good, though i wonder if i was swayed by the sentiments of the audience (i was the only gringo there that I saw). Lincoln Center viewing must be a whole other, perhaps colder, experience.

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