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weekend gone

had a busy weekend. inspired by not being able to answer what was the most recent movie i've been to (i said Last Samurai, but that was wrong. At the time I think it was Day After Tomorrow, not sure. Not worth thinking further about) i've been seeing some movies. Last sunday I went to "Bukowski: Born into This" and "Spiderman 2." This week I went to Psychobilly Documentary in progress: "A Cancer on Rock and Roll" and "I, Robot" and "Maria Full of Grace."

I was planning to share my experience of seeing "Maria..." since it is the story of a young woman's adventures in her native Colombia then US, mostly in Jackson Heights which is the location of my neighborhood theater where I went to see it. So USA part of the movie was shot here in the hood and I was probably the only person in the theater who didn't know someone who appeared in the street scenes in the movie.

That long sentence is only a little part of what I planned to say but a few minutes ago I found out that my web server host is migrating to new servers this week and I gotta get my sites prepped for that.


just when i was going to do a little movie review and go night night.

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