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this could also be called "my obsessions" - words first — LiveJournal
some sense later
this could also be called "my obsessions"

[update 7/27/2004 since apparently rcondon and josienutter have become mutual lj friends so I am now a member of 2 cliques of size 12

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Current Mood: hungry hungry
Current Music: Darling Hate - "Meatcake," isn't that Arban?

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From: wrayb Date: July 3rd, 2004 12:33 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: japan brain pick

i am not sure how much i can help. It's been many years since I went to Japan. There is an ex-wife and two teen offspring living there, which keeps me in very vague and distant touch with things Japanese. Not sure how I can help you. Feel free to ask away via e mail nostrangerer at jagwaa dot info.

From: the36thchamber Date: July 11th, 2004 02:00 am (UTC) (Link)

Hi there...

I saw Jelly Roll Morton listed in your interests, so I thought that I'd say hi. I live in Los Angeles, and love Jelly Roll. He's buried here in LA, I have been to his gravesite to pay respects. So are you a big fan?
From: wrayb Date: July 27th, 2004 12:56 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Hi there...

Sorry for not responding for so long. A few times i started to answer and it didn't come across right. Impressive user pic you have there.

I don't daily listen to or tout the genius of Jelly Roll Morton but I do greatly appreciate his contribution to music which isn't adequately acknowledged. I am also a student of the world of hustle and entertainment in which Jelly evolved in the first couple of decades of the previous century. I used to live in New Orleans and there I had the privilege of meeting two people who knew Jelly Roll: musicians, writers, and historians Danny Barker and William Russell. From Mr. Barker I heard stories in which he captured some of special spirit and creativity of Morton. Mr. Russell I spent less time with but an incredible text: "'Oh Mr Jelly' - A Jelly Roll Morton Scrapbook" was published after Russell's death. I am not sure about the book's availability, hopefully it found its way into some libraries. It was published by the same Dane who had Storyville Records which released most of Jelly Roll's Library of Congress recording in Europe.

The book is a collection of recollections, interviews and artifacts centered on Morton. There are even reproductions of the music parts written by Morton and by musicians who later transcribed some of Morton's work. I only barely knew Mr. Russell but I was much affected by his life and death and though I have owned the book since it was published in '99 I've not read much of it. That is until today. Thank you for your comment which triggered a couple of hours delving into the tome today.

Curious, looking to see if Russell's book might be available to the general public I find this book about Jelly's California days and this book which is based largely on material from Russell's book. Oh, well, enough on this today.


From: the36thchamber Date: July 28th, 2004 07:53 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Hi there...

Thanks for getting back to me. Iunderstand it taking awhile. Generally people here on Livejournal are pretty nice, at least my experiences have been so. I have read Jelly's Blues, and loved it. I have so many books on my to read list, I'll eventually get back to some other books on Jelly Roll. Is there a Jazz Museum in New Orleans, or any Jazz related sights worth visiting. I'll be out there in mid October. I'd appreciate any feedback.
From: wrayb Date: July 28th, 2004 05:08 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Mr. Jelly and NOLA

There are a few different museum collections but I am not sure which one would be most interesting for a member of the public to visit. Used to be I would have said the Lousiana State Museum exhibits in a building by the French Market next to the river at the back of the French Quarter. I will check with my brothers who still live there and give you some feed back. Mid October, eh, I'll see if there are any notable activities going on then that I could recommend. There is a local magazine called Offbeat that has a web site: http://www.offbeat.com of course, that has fairly extensive listings of live music in the city.


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