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so much to do, so little time - words first
some sense later
so much to do, so little time
Story of life, mine anyway. Literally piles of work, materials, gifts to be wrapped and mailed and day half over and all I've done is install a live journal client.

Wanted to see how the detect music feature worked, but of course the CD is not in the CDDB. OK, early negro vocal singers have been so influential on world culture and those pioneers before the 1950s are largely unknown so I step up to add the info to the CDDB: the cd database via winamp and now two hours later I am hungry and a little disgusted that winamp is just displaying "various artists" and not "Fisk University Jubilee Quartette" as the artist after I went and typed in all the individual performer's names. I think I need to heed the words I'm listening to and chill out.

I had planned to comment on my outing to see Jillian Ann Durgin sitting in with DJ JG and others at the Rock Star Bar last night. Too hungry and late to say any more than I was there. So were their roomies and a few close friends. It was fun. Mo' later.

Current Mood: pensive pensive
Current Music: Fisk University Jubilee Quartet - All Over This World

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