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ok ok ok, me too. - words first
some sense later
ok ok ok, me too.
as is going around, put your name into google, click image, grab the photo that grabs you.

my first name:

that and some other curiousities come from this old photo archive:

my middle name:

think i got that cause the photograper of the photo has the same name

my last name (i'll just ignore the pokemon and wrestler stuff):

gee, i learned something new with that one:

And finally let's see what my usual preferred
online amalgam of a name brings us...hmmmm. No clear winner.

There's this Betty Wray

or this Barry Wray PhD of business information technology

who likes toys to jump with

or Wray, Colorado

or something i think i know about


Current Mood: hungry as usual
Current Music: planes and cars and trains, all faint in the distance

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