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one version of first and last

i usually don't do these "meme" thingies, but this one appeals for some reason.

taken from mspersephone who got it from theoccupant

First job: paper route, Amarillo TX, 7th grade
First screen name: Stranger in a Strange Land, which became strangerer when using non unix systems like Prodigy or AOL (their client software I mean, they got unix in the back ground, at least they did)
First funeral: Great Uncle Walter for whom I was named, family story: one of my younger brothers (aged about 5 at the time) when being told by the widow that "Uncle Walter has gone to sleep with the angels" said: "he looked dead as a doornail to me"
First pet: a beagle we named Sam
First piercing/tattoo: i'm still a virgin
First credit card: American Express
First kiss: there were a few times of playing around and experimenting as a young teen, but first real curl your toes kiss was with a gorgeous wife of one of my high school friends (a couple years after we graduated. she was my first fuck too.)
First enemy: momentary interuptions, but no one who really qualified as an enemy.
First favorite musician: Keith Moon
Last car ride: couple weeks ago when I rented a van to move boxes of computer books and old manuals to storage
Last kiss: last xmas when i had a surprise short but pleasant affair with a singer whom i had desired for nearly 25 years.
Last library book checked out: wow, a hard one since i buy so many books. last few times i went to the library was 3-4 years ago to get books for the then pre-teen and his class assignments.
Last movie watched: Fog of War
Last beverage drunk: Jasmine tea
Last food consumed: tofu with chilli sauce and chicken with walnuts (funny, when I was ordering I was saying "chicken and walnuts". after 3 repeats and the Chinese waitress still not understanding she called over a co-worker who better knows English. I again said: "chicken and walnuts," she look puzzled. I repeated again: "chicken and walnuts" and suddenly the light came on, "oh, you want chicken WITH walnuts." ok, i shouldn't make light since after all these years i still totally suck at Japanese and Spanish.
Last phone call: ex-mother-in-law calling to speak to the teen a couple hours ago
Last time showered: This morning and in about 10 minutes from now
Last CD played: Bo Diddly doing "Bo Diddly" from dvd of 1969/70 show called Music Scene. David Steinberg was the host. It was the last show, it lasted only 1 season. Groucho Marx was also a guest on that last episode.
Last website visited: besides LJ?
Single or Taken: divorced
Sex: male
Sign: Capricorn
Siblings: four brothers and a sister
Hair color: uh, is flesh tone a hair color? all gone in the front and on top. was brown with red highlights and hint of blonde if i got much sun, now mostly white/grey and some muddy red brown left in back somewhere
Eye color: blue with a hint of green, duh, i forgot was it is called
Shoe size: 9.5USA
Height: 6'1"
Right now what are you...
Wearing: Allen Solly white briefs and a t-shirt with the name of my employer on it.
Drinking: nothing
Thinking about: i should go shower and go to sleep and not stay up trying to catch up on everybody's LJ
Listening to: cartoon network on the tv in the other room

cheers all.
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