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ed jew mah kay son

hmmmmm. it seems that another person has added me to their friend's list. I think i know whom the new kid on the block is. maybe.

so curious, some people have added me back before i wrote any comments or intro'd myself to them. and they have 100s or more on their friend's list. How do they know if someone new has started reading their journal, I wonder. Does everybody do like me and look at the counts every day?

Anyway, Thanks. In fact thanks to all who have acknowledged my existence via the internet. I doubt people read any or all of my posts, still, I am amazed at the highly talented and creative people with whom I have connected at least in a small way via yahoo, lj, etc. Way better than the AOL and Prodigy chat rooms I explored back in the early nineties. Well, maybe except for that time one person claimed to be a high school chick with big tits who liked to do assault and rape IM sessions. Where is she/he now? I am probably lucky that the hard drive on that computer went up in smoke so that any investigation by the brain police will not unearth the text I saved.

ok, enough lj self indulgence. want to read some minutiae to fulfill that desire to know the inner workings of the humans around us? ok, you asked for it.

today i went to meet with school officials because my teen has been skipping more than going to school since xmas. 10am meeting. the teen knows i have the meeting today and that they will be asked to join in on the meeting.

I am in with the principal for 10 minutes and then the principal says, can we bring in the teen now and let him know what we've been discussing? OK, I says. The principal steps out. Back in about 4 or 5 minutes and says: "I'm sorry but the teen is not in school today." I make a comment meaning to sound resigned and disappointed and trying not to seem angry and it comes across sounding weird: "Like, is he really trying to make a joke out of this?" I am sure the principal was thinking.

I go home, the teen is not here. I change the passwords on all the computers in the house. I try to figure what else to do while not totally losing my temper. I go back to work. While at work I recieve a voice message from teen at about 3:15pm. The first time this year the teen has called me upon arriving home. I've asked, reminded, nagged and scolded the teen many times that that is my wish and that the teen can get a cell phone paid for by me if they would regularly call upon arriving home.

My reaction to the call: first disbelief that the teen is going to somehow try to play me that they were in school. Then I was thinking, well maybe the teen feels recondite and is making the call since they screwed up big time by skipping out on the day they knew I was going to be there meeting with the principal.

Before leaving work I call home. No answer. I arrive home feeling quite apprehensive. teen immediately starts saying as to how they were there at school. teen then proceeds to describe being seen by the principal at the end of the day and having a discussion with the principal about my meeting in the morning. the teen knew all the details. i got to believe they were there and who ever the principal sent to ask the teen to come to the office must have gone to the wrong room...

glad i only changed a password which can easily be changed back. glad i didn't go off on the teen before they could explain or that I didn't sit home getting more and more angry waiting for them to show.

lotta youse guys have told tales of your growing up adjustments and deliquencies. makes interesting reading but i wonder how I would respond if you were my kid. guess i'm going to have to settle in for this ride with the teen lurching towards adulthood...

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